Pumpkin Festival

We went to the Keene Pumpkin Festival today. I’ve wanted to go for years, but it hasn’t worked out until now. The weather was perfect, the day was somewhat free, and we had Rosy in town! Every year they try to beat their own Guiness World Record for most jack-o-lanterns in one place. You’re supposed to bring a jack-o-lantern or carve one there, but we skipped that step. Too busy this week for pumpkin carving.

Lex had a birthday party to attend this afternoon, so we had limited time at the Pumpkin Festival, but we had fun walking around, exploring, eating junky fair food, watching the costume parade (we did not dress up), and riding the ferris wheel. Good times!

pumpkin p1

There were a lot of pumpkins to look at!


We watched the costume parade. Check out this guy playing the trombone with a pumpkin on his head!


Lunch on the curb. Pizza, popcorn, and french fries count as a healthy lunch, right?

pumpkins p2

Wall ‘o pumpkins! We noticed later that these pumpkins have rows of Christmas lights running behind them, with one light in each pumpkin, instead of the little candles like the other pumpkins all have. I guess it would be tough to climb up there an light all those jack-o-lanterns!


Eating ice cream and drooling over candy. Gives me a bellyache just thinking about it! :)

pumpkins p2

Pumpkins, pumpkins, everywhere!

jol ears

I love the ears on this jack-o-lantern!

jol hair

This one has glow sticks for hair! Cool idea.

in line

Look how happy Lex looks. He loves it when Eve hugs him.

me n lex

We waited for an hour to ride the Ferris Wheel and finally it was our turn!


A view from up high (though not the highest).

eve n rosy

Eve and Rosy rode the car in front of me and Lex. Alan waited patiently on the ground.

tired girls

It was a long drive there and a long, tired drive home.

We wanted to stay longer and check out the pumpkin bowling, but after the ridiculous Ferris Wheel line (patience is not my speciality!) we were out of time and had to head home to get Lex to his birthday party. I’m glad we did too, because the birthday party was a ton of fun! Lex wanted me to stay (twist my arm!) so I hung out while the kids played games, bobbed for apples, had cupcakes, opened presents, and played Quidditch!

(These pics are from my phone. I swear neither camera did very well today. :/)



This kids rode on “broomsticks” and had to throw a big ball through the hoops. One kid was the snitch and they had a ball tucked into the toe of a yellow sock, then tucked into the waist of their pants. The snitch ran around while two seekers (one from each team) tried to get the sock, meanwhile the rest of the kids tried to get the big ball into the hoops for points. It was a lot of fun, especially to watch!

Another big day tomorrow with the CHaD run/hike and a post-run party. Feeling popular this weekend. We’ll have to rectify that (and get caught up on all my school work!) next weekend. :)

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