Labor Day weekend – life in the fast lane!

Ok, maybe “fast lane” is a bit of an exaggeration, but we kept busy. On Friday (a day off) we went to the hair salon, appointments for everyone! Then we had friends over to play in the afternoon.

Saturday we braved the potential elements and headed for the apple orchard. We started with the corn maze, an annual favorite, then on to the apple orchard, then we were pleased to discover blueberries still ripe for the picking!


First things first, weighing ourselves on the giant scale.

lost maze

Lost in the corn maze?

running maze

Not for long! They’re off and running again!

lex reading

Lex stopped and read the story along the way, but the other two just plowed ahead.

lex apples

Lex is very efficient with his apple picking.


The moms doing the heavy lifting while the kids run ahead. Lex was nice enough to capture the moment for me. :)


I was so happy to find blueberries on the bushes!


We met another friend on the wagon ride back down the hill. She was in pre-k with Eve. Lex looks funny in this picture, but I like the angle otherwise. :)

Then we bought cider and donuts and had a picnic lunch. I had brought lunch food as well, not just donuts. :) Back home we made an apple pie and apple donut muffins. Yummy!

eve peeling

Eve peeled apples for pie.

eve eating

Eve likes apple pie! And apple cider. :)

Sunday the forecast called for rain, but instead we got lots of sunshine so we spent the afternoon at a friend’s pool, soaking up the last rays of summer.

lex swimming

It was a warm and sunny day, perfect for the pool.


They had a lot of fun with these pool noodles. I may have to get some next summer.

Sunday night Eve and Alan had a “daddy date” (dinner and Home Depot) so Lex and I went out as well. I was thinking of taking them both to see Planes if it was a rainy day, but Eve didn’t want to see the movie and it wasn’t a rainy day, so that plan fell through. Lex really did want to see the movie though, so we while Eve and Alan were out, Lex and I went to see Planes, then we had dinner and did some grocery shopping. It was a really fun night, despite the fact that we stuffed ourselves with movie theater popcorn and Recees Pieces and both came home with bellyaches.

grocery shopping

Lex helped with the grocery shopping. :)

Today we had friends over to play in the morning, and Aunt Mandy came to visit in the afternoon. Her and Alan went out shopping and to dinner so the kids and I went to the neighbor’s house to have s’mores! Nothing says Labor Day like s’mores! Parrish said, “We’re eating marshmallows. This feels like a holiday or something.” I said, “It is a holiday!” :) Lex had two s’mores (and a few stray marshmallows, I think) then ran around the house eight times! Eve had half a s’more and decided she liked toasting the marshmallows better than actually eating them.

kids peeling

We made another apple pie today. This one was a birthday present for Mandy. Notice that my helpers are so big these days they don’t even need to stand on chairs!


We have a lot of apples!


Toasting marshmallows.


S’mores. Yum!


Eve. What more can I say?!

eve eating

Eve, contemplating how best to begin with her s’more. She got about 3/4 of the way through before she was done and handed it over to me.

eve toasting

She liked this part much better.

lex crashed

Lex ran around the house eight times then crashed at my feet. :)


Eve learned how to get up on the trapeze bar, with a little help from brother. I love when they work together.


They did some fancy tricks while burning off marshmallow energy!


The best trick! They can swing like this. I told them that now if I need to sell them to the circus (a running joke in this house) they will at least be useful there. :)

Now we are hopefully crashing early. Tomorrow begins week two of school. Hope we survive another one. :)

Happy September!

2 thoughts on “Labor Day weekend – life in the fast lane!

  1. thanks for the great post! when i see eve working in the kitchen, i realize how tall she’s gotten this summer. wish i was there for pie! and i’m so glad i don’t have to keep wonder woman’s secret anymore! LOL
    can’t believe i have to set the alarm clock tonight….:(
    enjoy week 2… you all

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