I am feeling frustrated this week. Consider yourself warned.

I like having my kids home. I think they need down time in the summer. They need to play and explore and be together and relax. However, they also need friends sometimes and outings. I’m finding myself frustrated this summer because all of the kids’ friends are in camps! In the past we’ve been able to have a steady stream of playdates and playground trips and there has been a nice balance of downtime and social time. This year that seems unlikely to happen. The kids of working parents are in camps, of course, but this year the kids of all my stay-at-home parent friends are in camp as well. Leaving just the three of us every day. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I think after spending a year in school with friends and plans every day, having nine weeks of just the three of us might be tough. Eve has a pre-k friend not in camps, but Lex needs socializing too.

Lex did soccer camp last week. It was through the town, but he only knew one kid in the program and that kid was a grade behind him. I signed them up for Splash Camp for one week in July and they are both excited for that. One of Lex’s friends will be there, so that’s good. Now I’m debating about other camps. The town has a popular one that’s comparatively affordable, but I called today and the only week they have openings available is the week immediately following Splash Camp. They also run from 8am-5pm, which is a long day! I think it would be too much for my kids to have two long camps in a row, but maybe I’m underestimating them. They are growing up.

Eve wants to take a dance camp, but we did that last summer and it seemed like a waste of money, especially if she doesn’t know anyone.

I guess the slow life has it’s downsides. If everyone would just slow down a bit there would be plenty of kids in the neighborhood to play with. Instead they are all off at organized camps all week and I’m left debating.

The other down side is that the moms of all the kids in camps are off doing whatever moms do without kids and I’m left with limited social options for myself as well.

Sigh. Thanks for listening.

PS. I should add that I’m exaggerating a bit. Not EVERY child is in camp EVERY week. But most of them are in camp most weeks, making playdate scheduling very tricky.

PPS. I really just need a plan for the summer. Then I’ll feel better.

3 thoughts on “Camp

  1. ( Insert sad face emoticon) Wait, maybe I can do it myself :(
    Swimming lessons?
    Friday night dinner dates with kid friends?
    Traveling to see lovely grandparents?
    Keep thinking…..and take this summer one day at a time…

  2. For the third summer in a row, we are doing a standing park playdate with friends from preschool. Whoever is available goes to the park at a set time. Everyone brings their own sancks and waterbottles. Maybe you can organize a group like that.

  3. We’re one of those camp scheduled due to work needs families. One not too costly camp I found was at Treasure Island in Thetford, for the week of Aug 12th-$160, if I recall. The director, Bonna Wieler, does fridays of Avery’s after care program, CLASP, and she particularly loves it. We’re still trying to figure out carpooling for that week as I’m only off on Aug 15th, so if you end up doing it, I’ve been offering gas money if anyone can help us w/ carpooling-might help offset the expense of sending 2. Avery’s camps go: soccer this week, camp abenaki next week, 3 weeks in a row of Ventures, then Treasure Island, then last is VINS at UVAC. Crazy summer. Wish it were a bit less scheduled but it is what it is… oh well! Happy summer-we’re just back from a week of family vacation/reunion in Maine! Hope we can connect at some point!

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