Party weekend

We had a party-rific weekend! Friday night was movie night at school. The kids crowded into the library to watch Wreck-It Ralph. Half way through they paused the movie for intermission and the kids got free popcorn and juice boxes, and could buy cookies and cupcakes and brownies for a quarter. Good times, right?! I volunteered to bring cookies and at the last minute ran out of time so I bought them from the grocery store! I felt guilty, how’s that for lame! :) They were delicious, though what all the kids flocked to were the chocolate frosted cupcakes with sprinkles on top. Those went fast!

We got home late, of course, and the kids went to bed exhausted.

Saturday Eve and I went to a Good Beginnings party at the bouncy house. They host this party every year for staff, volunteers, and recipients with kids five and under. Eve just squeaks in this year! :) I’m sure I’ve said this before, but it’s sometimes surreal to go back to a place we frequented when they were young and see my kids now as the big kids. I didn’t even bring Lex this year. I also didn’t take any pictures but just imagine a room full of little kids running around, Goldfish crackers everywhere, parents trying to socialize and monitor their kids at the same time, you know, life with kids! It was kind of nice to have just one big kid though, no strollers or diaper bags. On the way out a woman was holding a one year old on her hip and trying to prevent a toddler from escaping. I remember those days very well!

While Eve and I were at the party, Lex and Alan took their first bike ride of the season. I was nervous for them and made them both listen to my worry-wart-mother safety warnings. They both humored me nicely and came back alive. What more can I ask for. :)

Saturday evening we went over to Popcube’s house for dinner and family visits. Greg made a delicious meal and the grownups sat around the table chatting while the kids played on the exercise bike in the basement. Good times all around. Once again, no pictures.

Today was a pool day. Eve was invited to two birthday parties, which conveniently were both at the pool, both today, and at overlapping times! One was from 12pm-2pm and the other from 1pm-3pm. I thought it would be great. Mostly it was. I let Lex invite a friend to play as well, so I found myself split a few times between watching the boys in the water and being with Eve at a party. They parties also didn’t follow the same format, so while one had pizza then swimming then cake, the other started right with cake, which resulted in Eve having pizza then swimming then cake then cake then swimming. She was exhausted! It’s hard work being popular! :)

We had a little quiet time when we got home (I needed it!) and then Alan wanted to have pizza and a movie night, but the kids both opted for pizza, stories, and bed. I had lights out by 6:30 and they were both asleep by 7:00pm.


Lex tried his hand at pool basketball for awhile. He’s got some growing still to do!


Both parties had doll cakes. The other one had a fondant dress and this one had beautiful edible butterflies!


Tired happy children having fun.

big slide

Lex is finally big enough for the big slide and boy was he happy.




Lex dropped his towel in the shower (don’t ask, I don’t know how he managed that) so when it was time to get out of the pool Eve shared her towel with him. :)

This week we have a week of swimming lessons at Dartmouth. Normally I go for the 4:30 time slot, but parking on campus totally stresses my out, so this time I’m trying the 5:50 time slot hoping that the parking will be better. We’ll see! I think I’m going to feed them before lessons, and probably give them a little snack and straight to bed after lessons. Hopefully the kids (and me!) are not totally cranky by Friday. Then next weekend it’s Easter and Eve’s birthday! We’ll rest again in April. :)

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