An Easter craft

Today we did an Easter craft from a Martha Stewart magazine from many years ago. I tore the page out and bought the supplies two or three years ago, but never got around to actually doing the project. Lately I’ve been feeling a touch sad because my kids play so well together (tough life, huh?) and rarely involve me in their activities anymore. They used to love to participate in anything I suggested, but these days they each have their own agendas and plans for the their free time. This afternoon while they were working on a new paper airline (Navy Air, to go along with the Navy boat they made yesterday… pics of that to come later) I decided to pull out the Easter project and see what happened. Luckily, for me, they were both intrigued and happily switched gears to do a project with me for a little while. I relished in it, before all too soon it was over and I had to cook dinner while they went back to their own projects.

Without further ado… Easter chicks!

finished chicks

Here’s how you do it, in case you want to make a few. They are quick and easy!

Start with two pieces of yellow felt pinned together. Then trace ovals. Martha Stewart had a downloadable template for this project, but my oval shaped measuring cups worked just as well. The original directions said to use disappearing markers or something, but we used an orange Crayola washable marker. I kind of like the orange outline visable.

step 1

Then, using a smaller measuring cup, trace another oval about 1/2″ inside the first one.

step 2

Cut the big sheet of felt into four, then recruit some helpers to stitch around the INNER circles. Eve chose to use white thread, Lex and I both used yellow. In the end it doesn’t really matter at all.

eve sewing

lex sewing

Sew around the oval, stopping about an inch before the end. Using a funnel, fill the pocket with beans or something. We used popcorn kernels and lentil beans. Anything that gives it a “beany bag” feel will do fine.

lex filling

both filling

Stitch up the hole to complete the oval. Using pinking shears, cut around the outer circle. Cutting around the outer oval with pinking shears gives your chick a fluffy sort of look. Lastly, decorate your chick. Lex chose to just draw on his with permanent marker. Eve and I drew eyes, but then used orange felt to make beaks, wings, and feet. Whatever makes you happy. Hot glue works well here. I suggested googly eyes, but they both strongly vetoed that idea.


Lastly, and probably the most important step, take pictures of your kids and their amazing Easter crafts! Enjoy.

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