Sorry Joyce

I have been slacking ;) Actually, right now I really want to do a blog post. I want to tell you all about the three birthday parties we went to this weekend. About the kids in school. About our new (to us) couch and my opinions on that. About my desire to purge my house of everything because I feel like it’s closing in on me. About how it’s October (already!) and I want to get out the fall decorations but I can barely find a free surface in this place. It’s maddening.

Instead I really NEED to do some Good Beginnings work. And my bathrooms are disgusting and should be cleaned (though they probably won’t be this week because somehow, once again, I ended up with a packed calendar!). And as I mentioned above the house is closing in on me and needs some decluttering. However, I have exactly one hour until I have to leave to pick up kids and go to an after-school playdate so I figured I would do a super fast blog post (no pics, sorry!) and I promise I’ll do a better one later. I’ll try. Sometime soon. I hope.

3 thoughts on “Sorry Joyce

  1. Yes, dirty bathrooms, house closing in, no time for anything, I’ve got that feeling, too. I’ve been donating stuff, selling stuff, purging the house and it just doesn’t seem to empty out. Blog shmog. Go take a bubble bath. :)

  2. Ditto what Julie and Joyce said. Don’t beat yourself up, enjoying your kids while they are young is a priceless blessing that lasts for only a fleeting moment. Love you….and Aunt Betty LOVED the card with Eve and Lex’s notes and picture. :-)

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