A day at the fair

The Tunbridge World’s Fair comes every fall. It’s the talk of the town and everybody who’s anybody goes.  Schools take field trips there to learn about the animals and old-timey life. Adults go there in the evenings for late-night shenanigans, or something. Everyone talks about The Tunbridge World’s Fair as the greatest thing on Earth. After living in this area for so many years, we decided this year was the year we were going to experience this amazing event.  Guess what?  It’s much like any other fair. :) :)  A bit bigger than the Cornish Fair, about the same size as the Delaware County Fair, plus some Hannaford Mills old-fashioned activities and displays.  Same rides, same funnel cake and french fries, same games, same crowds.  We had fun. :)

Giant watermelons and squash

Even gianter pumpkins!

Cows sleeping in weird positions

and cows poking their heads through walls.

Pigs and piglets.

Eve started the trip really grumpy, but with enough animal and cotton candy she managed to turn that frown upside.  We had fun with her and her silly self.

Booping animal noses everywhere she went

Even when it took a little help from dad.

You don’t get many real smiles from Eve these days. I had to share this one. Also, Alan is a powerhouse!

We saw some cool new things, like painting on mirrors…

We bought one for our mudroom. You’ll have to come visit to see it.

And some cool old things.

Eve bought herself a wolf tail, because, why not?!

Walking along, wagging her tail.

No one was interested in rides this year, but that’s ok, we all had fun.  We left just as the rain was staring to fall.  We got sprinkled on an bit, but nothing too bad.  The skies opened up when we were in the car, driving home.

I’m glad we can now check that off the Upper Valley bucket list.  Maybe we’ll even go back again next year.  We’ll see.

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