Horseback riding

After many months of asking for lessons, I finally found a place that’s nearby and offers beginning horseback riding lessons.  It was not an easy task! Today was Eve’s first lesson.  She learned to groom the horse, tack it, and mount/dismount.  She was quiet and reserved, but when we left she said she loved it and definitely wants to continue with lessons.  That’s good, I suppose.  It will get her one step closer to her goal of living on a mountain side and riding a horse everywhere instead of owning a car.  :)

Mounted and ready to ride

She rode in the barn today to minimize distractions for her and the horse. Nothing to speedy today! :)

Hello Murial!

Clearly I’m going to have to work on my horse photography skills if this becomes a real hobby.

One thought on “Horseback riding

  1. I hope she builds a house with a good guest room so you can enjoy the mountains! LOL…good luck with her new endeavor. I almost asked you on IG what her horse’s name was…but I remembered how much we used to ask her (when she was a bitty girl) what her stuffies were named, and how she never seemed to be interested in naming them. I got a kick when I read ‘Muriel”…love you all

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