I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen him write his full name. Cool, huh?! He insisted that he wasn’t writing his name, instead he was writing the monster’s name to go along with the picture of the monster. (For some reason his monsters never have arms) Either way, look at it, there it is, written in lovely dry erase marker. :)

Lex writing his name



Eve and I made muffins yesterday. I haven’t baked (besides bread) in so long. They are delicious. Lex did not want to help (he’s still a bit sick, so that’s probably for the best). Instead he decided to draw a picture of muffins while we baked. I love it!


I was still cleaning up the kitchen (before baking!) when he finished, so he decided to hang it on the microwave to help me stay focused :) Very helpful!

Pictures for dad

This afternoon (after a busy time playing outside with Parrish) Lex decided to make five pictures for Alan and write “From Lex To Dad” on each of them.  On one of the pictures he wrote “From Lex To ALI.”  When Alan asked what he was writing he said:

Lex: “I’m writing To Alan”
Alan: “My name doesn’t have an I in it.”
Lex: “Yes it does.  It has the “ih” sound!”

I love how he sounds words out.  It’s important for him to spell correctly (especially his dad’s name!) but I always hate correcting him.  He abandoned that picture and started over with a new picture and went back to writing “From Lex To Dad”  Alan ended up with five pictures from Lex anyway.  That’s pretty cool! :)

A picture for Alan

A picture for Alan

I guess he did do one with Alan’s name :) See Alan’s comment for details. I LOVE that he is interested in writing. Yay Lex!