My growing girl

Eve picked up her flute tonight. She is so excited! It was a crazy night at “instrument pick-up” where all the 5th graders in the district showed up for their new band instruments.

She also started sewing, all on her own. She sewed up a stuffed animal that Arlo chewed the eye off of, and today, after Arlo got her doggie, Eve went right to work. She does a great job too!

Rock and Roll Band Camp

Lex did his second year [first year] at the Hartford Performing Arts Camp this week. The theme was Rock and Roll! They all got tie-dye t-shirts and the final performance today was a rock musical version of Cinderella. So much fun!

My drummer boy!

“Ash” crowd surfing at the concert. :)

I never get tired of watching him play!

“Ash,” getting teased by his “sisters.” The girl in the purple tutu was in Lex’s class and she’s an amazing performer. We always enjoy watching her on stage.

Ice cream at the end.

Another great year! Next year both kids will go. :)

Middle School Spring Concert

I never imagined I would be spending as much time watching my children perform as I have been this spring!  Concerts and plays and spelling bees and plays, oh my!

Lex had his spring concert this week.  The band was great and I always love watching him on percussion.  The middle school has a fun jazz band too and Lex decided he would join that next year.

Middle school concert

Lex had his first middle school concert tonight. It was just 6th graders, which was great! Not too long, not too crowded, just right. Lex ROCKED!

The dress code was nice clothes, black on bottom, white on top. Lex managed the correct colors, but it’s debatable whether black sweats and Alan’s white t-shirt count as “nice” clothes. But hey, he’s up there and he’s rockin’, so all is well!

The band was snapping their fingers making the rain sound and Lex did the rumble of thunder.

I love, love, love watching him play in the band. His confidence is outstanding and he smiles and jokes with the other percussionists between sets. It does my mommy heart proud!

Dad, I’m going to find out when his next concert is and you totally should come.  You’d love it!!

Unrelated, but funny, earlier today Arlo was begging for cheese.  See his nose?  :)

Cheese please!



Lex has decided to join band this year.  Fifth grade is the year they get to pick instrument and play in the band.  Last year, in fourth, they all learned to play the ukulele, which Lex kind of enjoyed, but this year they get to choose.  He chose percussion.  I’d love to say it was because he is a wild drummer with a great rhythm, but in truth it’s because percussion stands at the back of the band.  :-)  He does have great rhythm though and the new music teacher thought percussion would be great for him. I went in and had a nice chat with her last week.  I introduced myself and told her all about Lex.  She had already met him and remembered him because he cried, briefly, during the first music class.  Sigh.  She is super nice though and very willing to work with him and let him be in the band, despite his past history with concerts. 

Tonight was instrument pickup from the rental company.  Fifth graders and their parents from all three elementary schools were there to pick up instruments.  Lex and I had fun!  Just as we were picking up his instrument a girl in his class came over and asked what he was playing and if he was going to play in the concert this year.  He said, “I don’t know, maybe.”  She said, “I think you should. You’d be really good at it.” My momma heart swelled!  Unfortunately the instrument rental guy started talking to Lex at the same time so he only partially heard her.  I love how sweet his classmates are to him.  My favorite little girl who tackled him in first grade was there too and she was more than happy to chat with him and tell me all about the band setup. 

Lex finally got his percussion set and immediately asked me to carry it because it was too heavy.  No way, José!

He is sooooo excited to get started with lessons.  His set has a snare drum practice pad (not a full drum) drum sticks, bells (which are kind of like a xylophone), and mallets.  Despite instructions from the music teacher to not touch anything until his first lesson (the instruction went to all kids, not just Lex), he had that case open in the car, gently fingering the bells.  He is so excited!   I can’t wait to hear him practicing.  I hope he loves it!!