Quick checkup

We had our first baby checkup today. Mostly a meet-n-greet with the midwife. Eve was nervous that the appointment was for her, but got very happy when I told her it was for the new baby :) All is good. I’m going in next week for an early ultrasound to try and more precisely date the baby, since I was a week and a half late before finally (FINALLY!) getting a positive pregnancy test and since both of the other kids were overdue, the midwife thought it would be good to try an early ultrasound. They did the same thing with Eve, settled on the original due date, and she came 6 days late anyway :) We’ll see if the date changes with this little bean. Not much else to report. I scheduled my next two appointments (early ultrasound and first exam with heart beat) for afternoons so Lex can come too. He was very pleased when I told him. I love how excited they are :) How excited we all are!

Here we go again!

I know it’s prudent to wait a few more weeks (or months) but I cannot keep a secret, and I learned this morning that Lex can’t either! So, for all the world to know…

We’re having a baby!!!!

Obviously we are all very excited. I was trying to put together a cool image to post here, but Picasa lost my work and I got annoyed, so text is what you get today.

We are going with the smaller community hospital this time instead of the big teaching one. Alan, Eve and I went over this morning to tour the birthing center and I spoke with the midwives and I’m excited! We have the first prenatal appointment in two weeks. My estimated due date is October 26th, but I’ll be adding a week or so to that, so I’m expecting an early November baby!

We found out this weekend and told the kids right away. Actually, the kids came in while the test was working (Privacy? What’s that?) and asked me a million questions about it. They are now both well versed in pregnancy tests. :) When I saw that oh-so-hoped-for + sign I was thrilled. Eve ran upstairs to tell Alan, yelling “Daddy! We are having a baby!!”

This morning, when I went to pick up Lex from school, another mother came up to me and said that Lex might have spilled some beans this morning. Apparently after I dropped him off he went up to his teacher and announced, loudly, that “Mommy has a tiny baby in her belly! A real baby! We are going to have it in the winter!” The teacher, this mother, and most of the kids all heard. I guess he’s pretty excited! Like the rest of us! :)