A beautiful sunshiney day

Today was a beautiful day.

It started with an unusual sort of morning where Alan was exercising (normal, not unusual), I did not (a little unusual), and the kids played upstairs by themselves for a long time (definitely unusual for the mornings!)  I got breakfast cleaned up, packed for our day, and even sat down and did a little work on the computer!  I kept looking at the clock thinking we must be late, but nope, plenty of time.

When it was finally time to go we headed to a Weight Watchers meeting and we met my Mom and Grandma.  With them, me, and the kids we had 4 generations at WW!  Those of us weighing-in had good numbers on the scale and that alone equals a good day in my mind! :)

After Weight Watchers I took my mom (and kids, of course) to our local farm for our CSA pickup.  The weather was beautiful and the sun was shining so we hung out there for awhile and I snapped a ton of photos! (not unusual!)

baby birds

A few weeks ago we saw the eggs and this week the baby birds were cheeping away.



Playing with photo editing. They had PYO flowers today and the kids had fun with that.



Eve decided she did not want this one and "put it back."


lex on swing

Please ignore his funny face and enjoy the lighting.


big swings

I LOVE this view!


flower arranging

When we got home the kids arranged their flowers in little vases and a bowl of water.



Beautiful! It would have been a good night to have company over for dinner. :)

After lunch we all had quiet time.  The kids did a great job today of staying in their rooms for the entire time.  They even played together upstairs for an extra half hour before coming down for snack.  Meanwhile I got some WW soup made, food prep done, the kitchen cleaned up, and even a little down time for myself.

In the afternoon I was hoping to bake cookies but the kids insisted on playing outside instead.  Bugger kids ;)  They played on the swing set (I took pictures) and then we all rode bikes for awhile.  Yep, me too!  They insisted.  It was fun.  The big news of the afternoon is that Lex decided today was the day to ride without training wheels!  I was telling him that maybe Grandpa Tom could help him practice tomorrow and he said, “Let’s just do it today!”  Um, OK!!  It took him all of about three minutes to figure it out!  Seriously.  He’s awesome :)  When I came in to pack up he decided to stay out and keep practicing.  He still needs practice on his starts and stops, but he amazed me this afternoon!

upside down

Upside down Lex


chillin Eve

This girl needs a nap! Or a hammock :)



"Here Mom, hold the baby just like this while I go on my rocketship to Pluto."



Baby ended up in the "back pack" instead :)

Alan had no car at work so we went to pick him up and decided to have dinner out.  It was yummy, everyone was well behaved, and I managed to stay within points for the day.  Like I said, a good day!


Eve thought these flowers were as big as her head, then had to go compare. Once there she decided they would make nice pillows.


I added videos to a few older posts. I don’t always get them uploaded as quickly as the photos. Check out Back to the beach and Red, white, and blue scones.

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