A Tesla!

Sooo…. this happened while I was away.

Not that I wasn’t expecting it. :)  Alan worked hard to find an all-electric car (his want) that can make it to my parents house in a single charge (my requirement).  He worked hard to find it and even harder to get it!  Lots of false starts, last minute plan changes, and even a few trips to the airport, but he made it happen!

One very happy man with two all electric cars. :)

Not only did he work hard to get this car…. but he’s letting me be the primary driver!!  How crazy is that?! :)  It is a pretty awesome car.  The kids and I have been having fun exploring the features (both functional and entertaining) while cruising around doing our errands.  We are pretty luck to have such an thoughtful, hardworking, loving man looking out for our safety and comfort, not to mention the survival of the planet!

The “gas guzzling” Prius has been relegated to the driveway.

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