Emotional Ups and Downs

We signed a contract on our house today. The one we’re selling. It should be an awesome, exciting thing, but instead we are both frustrated and cranky. We like the buyer, don’t like the agent, don’t love the deal, but agree that it’s good. The buyer came to us first, we showed her the house, she made an offer, then brought in an agent. We have been going back and forth for a few weeks now. They want more, we want more, blah, blah, blah. We were *this close* to the deal, when I got a call yesterday morning from an agent asking if she could show our house to her buyers. I said sure. This morning we get a final updated contract from the buyer and a 7pm deadline for signing. I called the other agent to let her know and she said her buyers are very eager and would still like the house. Ok. Spent the afternoon cleaning the place spotless (ha!), which is good to do sometimes anyway, and they came to see the house. I loved the couple! They reminded me so much of me and Alan when we bought this house. They have a 1yr old and are pregnant with another one. Loved the neighborhood, etc. Sadly there wasn’t much time to think. We had a really nice meeting, then Alan and I had an hour to imagine we would get a counter offer – one that was more money and less frustration. It was a nice imaginary hour. Then the agent texted me and said the couple loved the house, but not the wide-open backyard. Bummer. Not much we can do about that. So we signed the contract with the other buyer. Alan was frustrated with the buyer’s agent’s attitude and the sudden deadline. It’s not the warm, happy feeling we were hoping for. It’s a business transaction, I keep reminding myself, and not personal. It will be ok. I have faith. But boy, I am mentally exhausted now! Before all this we spent the morning at school helping to run the kindergarten open house, then back home (late) to meet a town official who can close out a building permit for our basement.

I keep reminding myself, busy summer, busy summer, busy summer. It will all turn out ok in the end. It will.

I joined the C25K running program again and my body seems to have forgotten how to run in the few weeks I was on vacation. Yesterday I was feeling TOTALLY stressed out and my neighbor, who is also doing the program, texted to offer me a ride. I said I was so stressed and busy and wasn’t going to make it. She said ok, but then nicely/gently suggested that maybe fresh air and running would be helpful. Dang peer pressure! I went and, of course, it was good. The fresh air, running, and social interaction!

On Monday we went to the lake with some friends, who invited other friends, and I invited other friends, and it ended up being a very big group. You’d think that would be good, but really it was just a lot of trying to make decisions and brief interactions with lots of people. Not quite the long chat on the beach with a bestie that I was hoping for. After an hour there Eve settled in for a snooze on the blanket. What? That’s not like her. I gave her a nice sunscreen massage and she was burning up. Eek! We stayed for a little longer, then headed home to find a thermometer. She had a temp of 103.7°!! I gave her Tylenol and dragged her to the dentist (mean mommy!) where we discovered that she has a cavity and Lex needs two teeth pulled. Ugh. Then home again. She had a temp all night and all the next day, but it was slowly coming down. She was complaining of achy body and a lump in her throat. Last night I started Googling Lyme disease. Ugh. This morning she woke up and the fever was gone and the pain was gone. All better? I hope!

Here are a few pictures of other stuff going on.

A sick Eve and a very sweet friend cuddling her.

A sneak peek at my back to school bulletin board.

I started a new Instagram for school. @dbslibrary Feel free to follow if you just can’t get enough of me. :)

A view out my new kitchen window.

An excellent book! I’d highly recommend it if you’re into YA. :) Also, it’s number 26 on my list of 30. So close!

Tomorrow we only have two commitments, both of them at home (boiler inspection and piano pickup). We are all (except Alan who has to go to work — sorry Alan — thank you Alan!) looking forward to a calmer day. I might bake cookies and visit our neighbor’s brand new baby.

House update

Things are moving along fast with the house! We’ve got a garage framed, upstairs rooms framed, HVAC stuff in place, bathtubs in place, and the roof on. I got an email this morning from the builder saying the windows and doors have arrived and the cabinets and flooring are ordered. Eek! Coming along so quickly now!

We are still adding pictures almost daily to the Picasa Album.

We went over the other day with chalk and marked out beds, dressers, couches, and the kitchen table. I think it will all fit!!

Hello boys!

Eve, measuring out her bed.

Lex trying out the bed space.

The family room, looking into the upstairs bathroom.

Standing at the to of the stairs, looking in to Eve’s room, with Lex’s room in the background.

Ohh.. I hope we get to keep this little table. :)

On another day, while I spoke with the builders, Eve took some pictures and a video.

On the homefront (old homefront?) things are moving along as well. We are working on a contract to sell this house. It has been a frustrating process and we’re getting less $ than we had hoped for, but Alan and I keep running the numbers and still believe it’s the best option. Things will work out for the best. I’m sure of it. It’s going to be busy for the next few months!!


We stopped by the new house today and found fresh concrete!

There’s our porch and garage.

So we stuck our hands in it! :)

We look so organized, don’t we?! (Ha!)

I love it!

Left to right and apparently best to worst in the handprint department: Alan, Eve, Lex, Tessa

Truth be told, it wasn’t like that at all. They have been talking about pouring concrete for weeks now and we have been “on deck” to do this project. It kept getting delayed due to rain. Last week they said they were pouring so I stopped by in the morning to find out what time would be good for handprints and the concrete guys said they were just pouring the foundation that would be under the house. No use putting handprints in that! So we went back to waiting. Friday they told us they’d pour Monday (today), but we woke up today and saw “Severe thunderstorm alerts” in the forecast and figured it would be delayed again. I stopped by around 9am as Lex and I were heading to a volunteer event, and found fresh concrete!! I called Alan, who had just got to work after dropping Eve off at camp. He called the builder to make sure we weren’t too late and we all scrambled. We got there in time and I’m so glad we did. The concrete guys were great and even took pictures for us. One guy worked hard to make sure the heart stone was placed well and smoothed out all around.

We stopped by later with cold lemonade and warm cookies as a thank you, but found the concrete guys gone and the framing guys starting to lay out the rooms!! That was exciting! They appreciated the cookies and lemonade too. :)

Eve in the pantry.

It all looks so small. I’m so nervous!  Alan and I decided to go over with a tape measure and double check it against the floorplans, but then those severe thunderstorms did come (not so severe, really) and that plan got delayed.  Maybe tomorrow evening.

What I’m working on…

Life is busy.  So much for the lazy days of summer!  I’m working on:

  1. Getting our house ready to sell.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, we have four showings and one of them has already made an offer! I have spent the past few days cleaning, straightening, taking things down, filling holes, painting, sweeping, etc.  Our house is looking spic and span and sparse!
  2. Coordinating contractors.  The upstairs bathtub started leaking, through the floor and through the bedroom ceiling!  A project which wasn’t on any list suddenly jumped right to the top!  We have a contractor here now who is doing the work, very well, but very slowly!  I’m also trying to line up someone to hang drywall and someone to fix our bulkhead door.
  3. Keeping up with the new house.  They are behind schedule (of course!) because of all this dang rainy weather we’ve been having!  The foundation is pour and at this point they are planning to start framing on Monday. They are also hoping to pour the garage and pour concrete on Monday.  We have been eagerly awaiting that so we can try to put hand prints in fresh cement on the porch.  I started a shared Google album where I’m putting pictures of the house project.  I’d like to make it into a book when it’s all done. Feel free to check it out.  I’ll add photos as the house is built.
  4. Finishing up my two grad courses.  I have a project a week due and a big one due on Sunday.  I worked hard to get ahead of the assignments before leaving for California, but then was behind by the time I got back.  One more week and all the assignments will be due and done!  Then I get a break before the next round of courses start. :)
  5. Inventorying the library collection.  I got approval for summer work to conduct a full inventory of the library, which hasn’t been done in over ten years!  That was great news, however now I’m trying to get those hours in before heading to Franklin next week.  By the time I get back from Franklin they will cleaning the carpets in the school and very shortly after that we will be back at work!  Where is my summer going?!?
  6. I was trying to make a Snapfish book about our vacation because they had a great promotion running, but I missed that deadline so now I have a half finished book.  I’ll try to finish it soon so it’s ready for the next time they are running a special.  Also, this blog. :)  I think I’m a few blog posts behind.
  7. Ferrying kids back and forth to camp this week.  Ignoring the dog.  Ignoring all my healthy eating and exercise efforts.

Last week I got last minute tickets to see Beauty and the Beast, but put on by the theater company who is running Eve’s theater camp.  I took Eve and one of her classmates.  We had a great time!  It was a fun little break from the busy chaos.

Eve and her friend with Belle. Eve’s friend got all decked out in her pretty clothes and high heels. Eve grabbed a stuffie and flip-flops.

Also, Lex loves the cat.  I love Lex.

They are adorable. <3

And my fish at school had babies!  Surprise!  I was there doing inventory and a summer school teacher (they are using the library) came over and asked if the fish were mine.  Umm… who else’s would they be?!  He said, “Did you know you have babies in the tank?” Ummmm… nope!  I had five cichlids, one died (or was killed by the others) and the others are two mating pairs.  Surprise!  I didn’t even know the females were pregnant.  I don’t even know which ones are females!!  (You’d think as a librarian I would figure these things out, but really, who has time for that?!?)  So now there are lots of little babies swimming around.  I hope one or two survive to adulthood.  :)

Babies! Fries? :)

Two houses being built…

Funny story. I was out walking Arlo on Monday morning and decided to stop by the new house. When I got close I noticed there was a lot of activity going on and discovered that they were working on our house and the show house at the same time. At our house there were two guys in sweaty t-shirts banging with hammers on the wood frame around the foundation (they were removing the framing). At the show house there were six guys, wearing clean jeans, white t-shirts, and OSHA safety belts. They were posting for a picture of them (three of them together!) measuring with a chalk line. One guy had a camera, and another guy had a broom!! Sweeping up the foundation. I literally laughed out loud. Cleanest job site ever!

They have drones! Think they’ll do a flyover of my house too?! :)

Cleanest job site ever!

Our house. Not so clean. :)

That was Monday. Today Eve and I stopped by after school and found this:

Foundation insulation? Alan says this is excellent, so I’m happy too. :)

Starting to look like a house now?

Eve is not impressed. (just kidding, really she was just tired)

We also found Alan there talking to a guy from SunCommon. Alan’s dream is being realized. There will be solar panels on our house! :)

He also spoke with the builder before we got there and the builder said they would be pouring the rest of the foundation early next week. They have to finish the framing on the show house and get it weatherized before they can do the framing on our house. It won’t be too long though!

New house update

The poured the footers (I think that’s what it’s called!) the other day.  We got there just in time to see them cleaning the cement mixer and putting the rebar in.

Does it look like a house yet?!

Today we had our friend in the car so we stopped by to show her the new house.  Eve and I explained in great detail how the girls would get back and forth to one another’s houses after we move.  Right now it’s a short jaunt down the street, but this fall they will have to go around a few corners.  I reassured them that it would be ok, but they are still concerned because they won’t be able to see each others houses.  It’s nice to have good friends just down the street.  <3

Over the dirt pile, past the house, through the trees, and you’re there!

We all wrote our names in the dirt. :)

Eve, playing in the new garage, with a big bag of candy! (we had just come from a birthday party with a pinata)

I wonder what comes next.  :)


Ground breaking!

A boy, a dog, and a digger. Happiness is.

It’s official! Construction of our new house is underway!!

Alan jumped up on the flat bed truck for an overview shot.

I stopped by later in the day and the guy had a good trench going! I think there’s a more proper word for it. Foundation wall or something. Looked like a well formed ditch to me! :)

It’s hard to imagine our house here. Crazy.

Sadly we found out on Friday that the buyer we had lined up for our current house pulled out of the deal. The inspection report came back and the inspector was harsh! The family is moving up from Texas and had only seen the house through a Skype tour with their realtor. After viewing the inspection report they felt there are too many “unknowns” and they weren’t comfortable moving forward. That hit me hard! I spent Friday in an emotional spiral, but after a fun evening with friends, a little too much wine, and a nice long sleep-in on Saturday, I woke up feeling much better and much more positive about the world. Alan and Lex went over to the site bright and early Saturday morning to watch the ground breaking. I was sleeping and Eve was at a sleepover party. Alan was sweet enough to take my phone though and take lots of pictures and videos for me. I went back over later in the day with Arlo and the digger driver said, “Hey, I recognize that dog!” I laughed and said “You’re digging my foundation!”

Saturday afternoon I rented a storage unit and this week we will start bringing stuff over there to start clearing out this house a bit, making room to spot what needs repairing and do the repairs. I am not looking forward to fixing up this house and the kids are still wondering why we can’t just stay here if we have to fix it up anyway. I hope their excitement will grow as the new house is built!