All moved in… kind of.

We spent the weekend moving in to the new house. Remember how nice it looked when we bought it? Easy come, easy go. It is now full and cluttered and unorganized and three whole days lived in! LOL! It’s coming along though. We had AWESOME friends and family VOLUNTEER to help us move on Saturday. Crazy, but amazing. Aunt Katie showed up at 9am with donuts, Alan’s coworker came by with plenty of muscle, and my friend Elizabeth and her son showed up shortly afterwards with infinite patience and coordination skills. Alistair kept Eve busy (not terribly helpful, but at least out of the way), Parrish came over and helped Lex pack up, and by mid-afternoon we were practically done! We spent Saturday night in the new house. :) We bailed on all other obligations this weekend and focused on moving and settling. This week we have been stopping by each day to pick up the mail and newspaper and random small items left behind.

I tried to add a bunch of photos but it’s not working and it’s late and I’m tired, so here’s the link to the shared album again instead. All the photos are there.

Did you catch the “kind of” in the title? We actually have a whole garage and basement still full over at 64PP. We have been joking about “forgetting” that stuff, or leaving it as a present for the new owner, but of course we are nice people and would never do that. This weekend when my parents are up with their truck we will get the rest done. So the goal this week is to get unpacked and organized enough to make room for practically a whole other house worth of stuff! Ugh! Lex has been itching for his drum set and Eve really wants that bunk bed and I’m pretty sure any company we have would prefer a bed in the guest room instead of the hard floor. :) So, one more weekend of moving and then we will be completely moved in! Whee!!

New House!!

We closed on the new house today!!  Whooo hoo!!

The kids came to the closing and right afterwards we went to the new house and did a happy dance! :)

We were a little bit excited. :)

Then we started moving in our boxes and boxes of stuff.  The fancy new house will be “lived in” in no time!  Tomorrow is the official moving day.  We’ve had several friends offer to help us move (crazy friends!) so hopefully we can get it all done this weekend.  Wheee… What a crazy summer it has been!

My life, in bullet points

  • We are closing on our new house next Friday (Friday the 13th, to be precise!)

We have a lot of mirrors in the master bath vanity!

  • Everything is coming along swimmingly!

We were here for awhile, making faces in the mirrors.  :)

  • We hope to get all the moving done in one weekend. Alan says one day, but I can’t even imagine that. :)

I”m sure she’ll be super helpful!

  • Lego League is going a bit better.  We have divided up into three teams, so the chaos is more manageable.  I have a bad habit of finding myself in charge of things, so I’m pretty much in charge of the Upper Valley First Lego League team.
  • School is good.  No, school is great!  I don’t always love going (so much to do at home!), but I always love being there.
  • I’m in the middle of two grad courses.  One boring and the other super boring!  I posted a minor vent on a closed Facebook group for librarians about my cataloging course and got over 100 replies, most all of them completely emphasize, but a handful who admit to absolutely loving cataloging. It takes all sorts, I suppose.  Glad someone likes doing that stuff and I’m double glad I won’t have to do much of it after completing the program!  :)
  • The kids have both had growth spurts and now have a whole lot of ankle showing.  ‘Tis the season, I suppose.  Probably should do some cold weather shopping soon, before the cold weather really hits!
  • I started a Battle of the Books program at school.  It’s for 4th and 5th graders and will take us through the end of February.  The kids were luke warm at first and I was getting nervous, but last week they got to pick their books and we officially kicked off the project and they were SO EXCITED!  I loved it!  It made me feel 100% more confident about the idea and I know it’s going to be fun!

The brackets are up!

  • I finished making the growth chart I’ve been thinking about for 10 years.  It came out really great.  I’m happy with it and now we can officially move.

Growth chart ruler

  • I am running my first book fair at school in three weeks.  I feel wholly unprepared for it!  The kids at school are very excited and definitely missed it last year.
  • PTO is organizing a Color-A-Thon again this year.  It’s supposed to be bigger and better than last year.  I’m the VP of the PTO and should be helping with this effort.  I’m not.  I do plan to show up for the event.  I hope that’s sufficient for this year.
  • We got flu shots last weekend.  Did you see the photo?  Lex was worried, of course, but didn’t protest too much.  He held my hands and cried a little, but he got himself there, talked himself through the whole thing, and didn’t end up no the floor even once.  Eve smiled for a photo at the end!  I think my babies are growing up!!

Alan says, “Flu shots for a happy family and healthy community.”

  • Eve is playing field hockey this fall and loving it!  She has practices three times a week and one or two games each week (sometimes a game replaces a practice).
  • Lex is belt testing next week for his purple belt.  He’s had the green one so long that the threads are coming out!  He said it’s time to retire the green belt.  We missed a few tests over the summer, so he hasn’t tested in many months.
  • Monday is in-service for me and no school for the kids.  I decided to sign them up for a rec sponsored trip to Jay Peak, a super cool (or so I’ve heard) indoor water park that’s two hours away!  We have talked about going for years, but never made it.  The kids are thrilled that I’m letting them go.  I’m nervous about the distance, but I had a nice email exchange with the parks department director and the details he provided greatly reassured me.  I still don’t love them being that far away without me (am I weird?) but I know they’ll have a great time and ya know, Alan and I have to work, so it’s a pretty good deal.
  • Alan is super busy at work, with town stuff, and, of course, taking care of all the important yet boring parts of this house process, like researching lights and keeping the finances moving forward.  He has been the detail man on this project and has done a wonderful job keeping it all on track.  I just show up with cookies and a camera when the mood strikes!

Our first dinner party

We hosted our first dinner party at the new house tonight. It was perfect. :) I picked up pizza, brought seltzer, grapes, and apple cinnamon crescent rolls for dessert. We had our HVAC guy (who loves our house as much as we do) and our new neighbor (who loves her solar, net-zero house as much as we love ours) and the four of us and the dog. We had a few folding chairs. Birthday napkins I grabbed at the last minute. Running water!! Whoohoo!! :) It was a great time. I’m looking forward to many more, maybe with furniture next time. :)

First Lego League

The 2027 season of FLL started tonight. Big changes this year. We are holding it at the tech center, with assistance from the First Robotics Club (high school team), and generous support from the principal of the tech center. This year we will be running THREE teams, instead of the usual one! Twenty eight kids! It’s crazy!

Tonight I challenged them to write their names in Legos.

My growing girl

Eve picked up her flute tonight. She is so excited! It was a crazy night at “instrument pick-up” where all the 5th graders in the district showed up for their new band instruments.

She also started sewing, all on her own. She sewed up a stuffed animal that Arlo chewed the eye off of, and today, after Arlo got her doggie, Eve went right to work. She does a great job too!


So much going on. More than just the new house. But I don’t have the time or energy to go into details. Issues selling this house. Work is good. Kids are good, but need lots of dental work. Open house at school last night. Life is busy! Grad courses have started again. Eve will be playing the flute this year. Projects going on. But, for the moment, we have a new kitchen! Or at lease the start of one. :)

A boy and his dog on a stormy afternoon.

The kitchen!

I’m so excited for an island! Lots of bins for recycling too!


Arlo does not love our visits to the new house. We let him off lease to explore yesterday and he seemed to enjoy the view. :) I think he’ll like it more when it’s less echoy and more filled with stuff he recognizes. :)

More later. Someday. <3