Twelve is coming way too fast!

This handsome fella is turning twelve tomorrow and I a feeling very guilty about our complete lack of plans. I told him we wouldn’t be doing a big party this year, but I was hoping for a day trip or an activity with a friend, or something! But, alas, life is busy and 12 is coming up fast! He wasn’t very interest in any of my ideas, and tomorrow, his big day, I have a meeting after school, Alan has a meetings, and Eve has a concert. Everyone is busy, but him! We are going to sneak in a dinner at Panera between my meeting and Eve’s concert.

I was looking for presents to wrap yesterday and, though I swear I had a pile for him… umm… I guess I do not. :/ We have little toys that Eve bought and I bought him some PJs the other days, but nothing exciting. Alan decided to order him a big present (laptop! shhhh… don’t tell!). He had it overnighted, but that still leaves me with not much excitement for the big birthday morning. :/

Can we just skip birthday’s this year? He can be eleven for a bit longer. Next year I’ll have more time and brainpower to focus on him. I love him forever though, even if life is busy! I hung his birthday collages just now. He was such an adorable baby, and turning into a super handsome young man. <3

PS. Apparently 12 is the year the gross jokes birthday cards start arriving. He laughed and an unsure sort of way. :)


Have I mentioned lately that I love our schools?!? There are so many amazing opportunities for the kids in this district, and the support they get from the teachers and parents is outstanding!

After many hard weeks and late nights (for the cast and directors especially!) Shrek! Jr, The Musical opened this weekend. I LOVE it! Lex has been coming home each night telling me about the characters and jokes and he is just alight when he talks about it. Tonight we went to see it. Sooo funny! Every year the middle school puts on a musical and every year it is outstanding! This year is no different.

The local ice cream place stayed open late tonight, just for the cast and crew. Lex is there now with a friend. Loving it! Tomorrow night is the last show and then there is a cast party until midnight! I might have to bring the boy home a bit earlier than that, but he’s excited to go for a little while. He’s growing up so fast!

The people behind the scenes!

Under contract

We are officially under contract to sell our little house. Happy and sad all at once. I hope we are making the right decision! I’m going to miss our beautiful street. Our agent told us a little about the buyer though and that made me happy. It’s a couple from Texas, but originally from New Mexico. The dad is Native American and teaches on subject. He got a job at Dartmouth, which is why they are moving. Mom stays home with the kids and loves home remodeling. She was looking for a house that needed a little TLC. They have four kids between the ages of 4 and 12. I have no idea how they plan to fit everyone into this little house, but I’m super happy to hear that the house is going to a nice family who will appreciate our little home and make it their own.

Awhile back our realtor made a comment that I’m holding close. When I told him that I’ll miss our beautiful little neighborhood, he said to think of it as the opportunity to create a beautiful new neighborhood. We will be in on the ground floor of this development and I hope that we will be able to make it a lovely neighborhood. The one house currently built has sold and we met the owner last week. She is a single woman with three cats. Eve said she loves cats and the woman said, “Great, maybe you can help take care of my cats if I travel?” Eve was thrilled. I think we are off to a good start on the new neighborhood already!

If all goes according to plan we will sell this house on July 17th and move into the new one in mid-September. Anyone want some company for a few months?!? :)

Exhausted (and rambling)

All of my blog post for the next year and a half are going to be about how exhausted we are around here. Eve was home sick today with an ear infection, I went to school sick (shh!) with a sore throat. I took us both to the urgent care center this afternoon to make sure it wasn’t strep. It’s not, so we will both be back at school tomorrow. Only 27 more days of school! The house plans are totally overwhelming. So many decisions to make and we can only hope that we’re making the right ones! I hope when it all comes together we aren’t like, “Ew, did we really chose that color?” (you can replace “color” with cabinets, counters, fixtures, lights, siding, roofing, trim, flooring, etc!) We have a buyer who made an offer that was way lower than we were expecting. Two realtor confirmed the price though, so we are going with that buyer. The buyer’s agent is also our seller’s agent (they worked for the buyer first), so I hope that isn’t detrimental in the long run. I hope taking the low offer, also the first offer, is better than waiting and listing the place and hoping for a better offer. I’ll never know, of course, cause you can’t know what’s down the path not taken, but I hope we’re making the right choices. Lex went to bed in tears tonight because he is exhausted from his musical rehearsals. The show opens on Thursday and runs through Saturday, so it will be all over soon. Just a few more late practices, then a few very late nights, then he can rest. He’s falling behind on homework and struggling to stay positive. He isn’t thrilled with the job he has on the stage crew (not much to do), but knows that if he sticks with it there will more interesting things to do next year. That’s hard to remember sometimes though. Eve also has a play coming up. She’s be performing on Northern Stage. So cool! (I’m probably repeating myself here but I’m too lazy to reread my previous posts, so sorry, not sorry.) She is struggling with girl friend issues and growing up and all the fun things that go along with that. We all just need a good, long nap! For days! I’m trying to get my financial aid sorted out before my two courses start next week. I also recently found out that my health insurance is so much better and so much more affordable than the miserable plan we have through Alan’s job, so we are in the process of switching that over. Like I said – exhausted! You can probably stop reading the blog now because I’ll probably just post this same nonsense over and over for the next 18 months. On the plus side, I got a new phone. I just went to find a cute kid picture (or even dog or cat picture!) to wrap up this post in style, but all the pictures on my phone are of snap circuits and school kids! Oy! Maybe another time. I need to put myself to bed now before I continue to eat everything I can get my hands on, despite my sore throat. Good night.

We’re building a house!!

Sooo…. we’ve got a few things going on here!  First and foremost, we are building a house!!  We got an offer on our house and accepted it. Today Alan and I, and dragging Miss Eve along, spent the afternoon picking out cabinets, counters, flooring, and paint! The sales associate was fantastic and helped us narrow down the bazillion options. She even gave us samples, including an entire drawer!, to take home and sit with for the weekend.

So many things to consider!

These are the kitchen cabinets. Although the color (ginger) is a bit off in this photo and the style will be a bit different.. soo… never mind. :)

Kitchen counter top

I think we are going to go with the “raging river” blue for the carpeting upstairs.


I like this color palette. Also, bathroom flooring on the right.

The bathroom cabinetry will be this blue color, but a slightly different style.

We are waiting to hear back from the seller, but it’s looking like we’ll have a July 17th closing date, though the new house won’t be ready until mid-September. Anyone want some company for a few months?!? :)

A whirlwind in Wilder

After years (AND YEARS!) of thinking about it, Alan and I have started moving forward with the idea of building a new house.  Now things are moving fast!  Over the past few years we ruminated on the idea of major renovations to this house, buying another house, or building.  Last summer we came across a great plot of land in the village that we really wanted, but the finances didn’t work out.  This spring Alan wanted to move forward with a whole house ventilation system, which was many thousands of dollars, so I suggested we get more information about major renovation so we could do it all at once instead of having to redo the ventilation if/when we renovated.  We talked to builders and finances folks and then look at some new construction a few streets over and we were sold!  Almost. :)  They are building an energy efficient (net zero, I think) development with solar panels and proper siting.  Alan has been jonesing for a place over there for awhile now, but I have been resistant because I love our neighborhood and I don’t love how crammed together those houses will be.  However, as we continued the discussions (and visited the model home a few times!), I have come around to the idea.  Mostly.

We put down a refundable deposit on the lot we wanted and began designing a house with the builders.  That process is fun!  We also started talking to banks and were told that we could afford this endeavor (yay!) and just this week we brought in a realtor to discuss listing this house.  Eeek!  The realtors (they are a team of three) did their thing and came back to us with a sale price much lower than we were hoping for, but also with an eager buyer who is looking for what we have, imperfections and all!  I called in another realtor (the guy who sold Popcube’s house!) to get a second opinion and his estimate was only slightly higher than theirs.  We are now waiting on an official offer from that buyer… though we haven’t even signed sellers paperwork with the realtor yet!  Their buyers also REALLY want to move in this summer, and the sooner the better.  They have kids and want to be settled before the school year.  Of course.  As crazy as it sounds, we are considering it.  The alternative is to do a lot of finish work (many thousands of dollars worth) to make the house “showable” and then hope, HOPE we get a higher price.  Everyone agrees it won’t be much higher though, and we would run the risk of having to carry two mortgages for awhile, which we had been planning on but would rather not do.

Needless to say, there are LOTS of thoughts swirling around in our heads!  We haven’t signed any contracts yet, so we could bail on all of it, or we could sell our house by June 30th, be homeless for the summer, then move into a brand new house in September… or, most likely, something somewhere in the middle.

Also starting to wrap up the year at a new job, take two college courses for that job, convince both kids that we are doing the right thing and consider their concerns, plan for a trip to California (yay!), prep for a yardsale next week, train for a 5K, eat healthy for WW, and, um…. other stuff too.  :)  No shortage of things to do around here!

We have one whirlwind summer coming up, but by this time next year (hopefully!) things will be settled and we’ll be loving our new house with beautiful 12″ windowsills and a family room.

A big day for Eve

Eve came home from school and told me that she qualified for the spelling bee AND got a good role in her upcoming “Shakespeare in School” performance.  She is thrilled about both!  The fourth grade will be performing A Mid Summer Night’s Dream at Northern Stage!  Where real, professional shows take place!  She love her part, even though she has to say “ass” over and over (in reference to a donkey, of course).  She is also super excited about qualifying for the spelling bee, though not sure she needs to do any studying for the event.  She’s got confidence in spades!!  :)

Spring Break!

While others headed to places sunny and warm, we headed to the country with lots of dogs and dirt roads. 😊

Arlo LOVES being a free range dog!

Eve is pretty happy being a free range kid too.

Lex just loves having so many dogs around to cuddle!

Eve will be going to 4-H Camp Shankitunk this summer, the same place my sisters and I went when we were her age.  We stopped by to visit and show Eve around.

There is a tradition of writing on the walls and bunks. We were surprised to find Eves name already there! 😄 She also found her friend Sarah’s name too.

Camp alumni and the next generation.

Somebody got a little silly at lunch!

Can you find all five dogs??

Despite the lack of sunshine, warmth, sandy beaches, and Disney themes, we still had an awesome vacation! Looking forward to our next trip to the country. ❤