The trip so far…

My phone posted these pictures backwards, so scroll to the bottom and work your way up.  More details will come later.  ❤️☀️

Sunset over Santa Maria. Settling in for the night.

Back in the ocean for this little fish. Overcast and 64° but she was thrilled anyway. (Carmel By The Sea)

Alan bought a Tesla… hat!

@ the Googleplex

Drooling over Teslas

Tasty treats everywhere we go.

Touristy things in San Francisco. (Lombard Street)

Trying not to get blown off Beacon Point overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.

We love the ocean. (Muir Beach)

Their first time at the Pacific Ocean!!

Lots of this.

Little fishes swimming in Greg and Kathy’s pool.

We made it to San Francisco!

A beautiful, uneventful flight.

Two houses being built…

Funny story. I was out walking Arlo on Monday morning and decided to stop by the new house. When I got close I noticed there was a lot of activity going on and discovered that they were working on our house and the show house at the same time. At our house there were two guys in sweaty t-shirts banging with hammers on the wood frame around the foundation (they were removing the framing). At the show house there were six guys, wearing clean jeans, white t-shirts, and OSHA safety belts. They were posting for a picture of them (three of them together!) measuring with a chalk line. One guy had a camera, and another guy had a broom!! Sweeping up the foundation. I literally laughed out loud. Cleanest job site ever!

They have drones! Think they’ll do a flyover of my house too?! :)

Cleanest job site ever!

Our house. Not so clean. :)

That was Monday. Today Eve and I stopped by after school and found this:

Foundation insulation? Alan says this is excellent, so I’m happy too. :)

Starting to look like a house now?

Eve is not impressed. (just kidding, really she was just tired)

We also found Alan there talking to a guy from SunCommon. Alan’s dream is being realized. There will be solar panels on our house! :)

He also spoke with the builder before we got there and the builder said they would be pouring the rest of the foundation early next week. They have to finish the framing on the show house and get it weatherized before they can do the framing on our house. It won’t be too long though!

Sunny weekend

We had a lovely sunny weekend. On Saturday Eve had her Girl Scout pinning ceremony. She’s still a Girl Scout, but now with more pins and badges!

Taking an oath, I think. I was a little distracted by Arlo.

Awww…. they used to fit in these baby swings!

Then Sarah came to sleep over afterwards. This morning they woke up at 5am asking to go swimming. Wheee!! We decided to hit up our old favorite, Lake Pineo, before they officially open next weekend and start excluding non-association members. :/

It was a beautiful day!

Swimming. Eve is in there somewhere too. Maybe behind Sarah. Or maybe underwater. You just never know with that girl.

These two are going places in life! :)

I wish they would let us swim here all summer. It’s such a perfect beach.

Then we got lunch as the Quechee Snack Bar (deep fried everything!) and washed it all down with some ice cream. Then home for an afternoon on the computers. :) Happy Sunday. I’d like to say Happy Summer Vacation, but alas, four more days.

New house update

The poured the footers (I think that’s what it’s called!) the other day.  We got there just in time to see them cleaning the cement mixer and putting the rebar in.

Does it look like a house yet?!

Today we had our friend in the car so we stopped by to show her the new house.  Eve and I explained in great detail how the girls would get back and forth to one another’s houses after we move.  Right now it’s a short jaunt down the street, but this fall they will have to go around a few corners.  I reassured them that it would be ok, but they are still concerned because they won’t be able to see each others houses.  It’s nice to have good friends just down the street.  <3

Over the dirt pile, past the house, through the trees, and you’re there!

We all wrote our names in the dirt. :)

Eve, playing in the new garage, with a big bag of candy! (we had just come from a birthday party with a pinata)

I wonder what comes next.  :)


Middle School Spring Concert

I never imagined I would be spending as much time watching my children perform as I have been this spring!  Concerts and plays and spelling bees and plays, oh my!

Lex had his spring concert this week.  The band was great and I always love watching him on percussion.  The middle school has a fun jazz band too and Lex decided he would join that next year.

Spelling Bee

This young lady came home with a Spelling Bee qualification a few weeks (months?) ago.  I was surprised that she had taken the pretest and pleased she qualified.  She was nervous and proud of herself.  She did a little practicing off and on over the next few weeks, and today was the big day!

Spelling “climbed”

Spelling “dimensions”

She made it to the top five!  She was one of two remaining fourth graders and she went out with a third grader.  The Spelling Bee ended with the top two spellers (they were the top two for the past three years!) going back and forth for a few rounds and then the winner finally emerged – victorious for the third year in a row!!  She is a friend of Eve’s and Eve was proud of her, although she later told me, “Mom, next year it’s mine!!!”   :)

Happy (late) Birthday!!

This handsome fellow turned 12 last week (well, four day ago)!  I’m a little busy with life, but we snuck in some birthday celebrations here and there.

Hugs for Doctor Nurse Professor Aunt Rosy!

We celebrated a little early in Franklin with the family.

We love Snap Circuits!!

Fun with the drone.

Look at it go! Lex is a very good drone driver. I am not.

We celebrated a little on the actual day.  In past years I’ve found myself making three cakes/cupcakes: one for a family party, one for a friends party, and one for school.  This year, I made none.  :(

Do pancakes count as cake?!

The pile was a little small and half pajamas, but the big present came later in the day.

An early dinner at Panera Bread before Eve’s concert in the evening. This reminds me of another picture I have of them on Lex’s 4th birthday. They’ve grown a little since then. :)

Finally, FINALLY, the surprise arrived, everyone got home, and we let this extremely patient 12 year old open his fancy new laptop! The better for playing Minecraft on.

The weekend after his birthday Aunt Mandy came to visit and went out for ice cream and mini-golf.  Sadly I left my phone home on accident, so there are no photos.  We all had a great time though!  Then Ziggy’s for dinner and a round of pool.

Sunday evening (yesterday), Alan and I talked the kids into going to a new-ish restaurant.  We promised them dessert and had them bring games.  Lex set up a variety of chess challenges for me, then we had an intense game.  It was great!

<3 <3 <3

I felt a little guilty about this birthday because we didn’t do a party and didn’t do anything big and special.  I offered to take him on a day trip or invite some friends for ice cream and mini-golf, but nothing appealed to him.  The week was full of concerts and plays and meetings and parties he wasn’t invited to, so I feel like he got very little attention, but he said he’s happy and it was a good birthday.  I try to remind myself that in general “very little attention” is what Lex prefers.  :)   I’m glad we were able to go out to dinner Sunday night, just the four of us, and have a good family bonding time.  We get one more year with this preteen before he hits those scary-sounding teenage years.  Let’s make this year last and last!  <3

Ground breaking!

A boy, a dog, and a digger. Happiness is.

It’s official! Construction of our new house is underway!!

Alan jumped up on the flat bed truck for an overview shot.

I stopped by later in the day and the guy had a good trench going! I think there’s a more proper word for it. Foundation wall or something. Looked like a well formed ditch to me! :)

It’s hard to imagine our house here. Crazy.

Sadly we found out on Friday that the buyer we had lined up for our current house pulled out of the deal. The inspection report came back and the inspector was harsh! The family is moving up from Texas and had only seen the house through a Skype tour with their realtor. After viewing the inspection report they felt there are too many “unknowns” and they weren’t comfortable moving forward. That hit me hard! I spent Friday in an emotional spiral, but after a fun evening with friends, a little too much wine, and a nice long sleep-in on Saturday, I woke up feeling much better and much more positive about the world. Alan and Lex went over to the site bright and early Saturday morning to watch the ground breaking. I was sleeping and Eve was at a sleepover party. Alan was sweet enough to take my phone though and take lots of pictures and videos for me. I went back over later in the day with Arlo and the digger driver said, “Hey, I recognize that dog!” I laughed and said “You’re digging my foundation!”

Saturday afternoon I rented a storage unit and this week we will start bringing stuff over there to start clearing out this house a bit, making room to spot what needs repairing and do the repairs. I am not looking forward to fixing up this house and the kids are still wondering why we can’t just stay here if we have to fix it up anyway. I hope their excitement will grow as the new house is built!